Is it worth to join interview kickstart coding interview bootcamp?

Nike tempo2009
Jun 17 7 Comments

Is it really worth the time, to join a coding interview bootcamp especially InterviewKickstart? I did get to read some reviews(more positive and 1/2 negatives) on Quora too.
Is it worth only for new graduates?


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  • Yahoo gdn12gs
    IK alum here. I did the course last year. It is good but not a magic wand as some people on Blind claim. I think if you spend enough time at LeetCode, you will get a good offer. For me personally, I think it was my perseverance with LeetCode that helped me more than IK. I did find classes on graph, tries incredibly useful but I don’t think you need to spend 6K to clear interviews. Just keep
    On preparing and keep on interviewing.
    Jun 17 1
    • Nike tempo2009
      Do you mind elaborating on your preparation phase on using Leetcode? Also, did you switch to leetcode AFTER you completed IK course?
      Jun 17
  • Facebook haut
    I think I depends on your goal. If you are looking to get a job out of it, I personally haven't seen a successful case yet. Good luck though. Leet code for actual interview practice
    Jun 17 3
    • Bank of America SqLl50
      The Interview Kickstart people cite a very high success rate at getting people into FAANG and other highly regarded tech companies, with very high typical TC. Granted talk is easy, but I reckon there has to be some truth to it?
      Jun 17
    • Facebook haut
      There has to be some truth to it otherwise they would seriously be risking a lawsuits for false advertisement right. Its just that from the people I know (only 2, so it's anecdotal) they didn't get a faang job and 1 is still unemployed, and we've combed through angle list for jobs at small start ups. He's just not getting interviews at smaller places. For faang, referrals are the only way and obviously they failed because they didn't do enough leet code to practice the algorithm (my opinion). Not gonna shit talk a company specifically since I didn't go through it.
      Jun 17
    • Walmart india11
      The high success rate is fabricated but people are so lost that they feel that they learned something so they are ok. Otherwise most batches have success of 2-3 out of 40 in terms of FAANG or even lesser. But if you show a list of 4-5 years it looks longer though they will claim most people are recent.
      Sep 27
  • Salesforce YerriPuvva
    Can confirm its not a magic pill, had to LC
    Jun 18 0


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