Is mba worth it?

Microsoft techstrat
Oct 1 22 Comments

Currently a program manager at microsoft. Debating weather to go to a top school for full time mba (quitting Microsoft) or go to university of Washington for part time mba while still working for Microsoft.

I don't fully understand if or how an mba from top notch school will impact my career. Any help or advise will be much appreciated.


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  • Microsoft / Product Pzapp
    Not worth it if you are coming back to tech
    Oct 1 0
  • F5 Networks RRA
    Not worth it. If you can get into a top 5 program, maybe worth it.
    Oct 1 0
  • Cadence / Eng

    Cadence Eng

    Intel Corporation

    I am so not proud of myself for doing this, it just screamed at me!
    Oct 1 0
  • F5 Networks champ—
    What’s your age and what do you want to do post-MBA?
    Oct 1 3
    • Microsoft techstrat
      Age is 27. I am still unsure about the prospect after mba.
      Oct 1
    • F5 Networks champ—
      You are not that old. First find out what you want to do after MBA.

      In some cases, you might not even need an MBA to do that.

      I went to a top 3 college so can speak from my experience.
      Oct 1
    • Microsoft techstrat
      Thank you! If you dont mind sharing, can you share what are some benefits of going to a top 3? I am a program manager at Microsoft
      Oct 1
  • Microsoft / Product TeLangPu
    I got mine from top 5 + MSCS bundled in 2 years for free, so was worth it.
    Oct 1 3
    • Microsoft techstrat
      What is MSCS? Can you elaborate please? I don't have much context. Thanks!
      Oct 1
    • Facebook / Product hateidiots
      Which school is that?
      Oct 1
    • Microsoft / Product TeLangPu
      Do some googling and you'll find only a handful.
      Oct 1
  • Amazon / Ops Puffalope
    Really think Blind is the wrong place for this type of question because the demographics here don’t lend themselves to a full picture. So many tech-ladder people saying you’d be giving up 500k in salary for 2 years when the reality is not everyone in big tech is an Engineer earning 250k/year.

    Maybe try Reddit?

    If you know what you want to do after an MBA that will help make the decision. Have to work backwards from where you want to be and how an MBA might help.
    Oct 8 1
    • Microsoft / Product TeLangPu
      Also ppl here are assholes, so you’ll probably get terrible advice.
      Oct 8
  • MACOM FEtk32
    If you wanna make a move into finance / IB world then full time at top 5 for everything else Foster part time. You can then move within Msft or move to any other FANG in Sr Exec roles. Depends on what ur goal is .
    Oct 1 0
  • Google m_p_c
    I've asked loads of people this, and if you're already on a ladder that could lead into management then there's no reason to full on go back to school for it. Just move into leadership organically and read a bunch of good books about it.
    Oct 1 1
    • Netflix depo
      What books
      Oct 15
  • Chase Mike_Hunt
    Oct 1 1
  • Deluxe / Product

    Deluxe Product

    Electronic Arts (EA)
    AMA about video games industry.
    Hey OP,

    What’s your goal?

    Things to try:

    1) Find a mentor. You can use LinkedIn. Set up informational interviews.

    2) know your strengths and weaknesses. Take every song for personality assessment.

    3) Know your values and passions. Try to do small tests by asking people on blind what they like/dislike about their roles.

    4) Set your goal.

    5) For whatever school you’re considering, see if alums fit your goals.

    6) Consider the cost/benefit - loss of income vs post mba salary.

    7) Decide.

    Happy to share my experience over DM. Hope it helps!
    Oct 15 0
  • Dell / Mgmt

    Dell Mgmt

    EMC Corporation
    Hardware emphasis, some security
    Oct 1 0
  • DoorDash cwOq47
    Aiming for the top 3. Might be worth it if you are lucky and or rich enough to afford in tech. Losing 2 years salary for doing mba is about 500k+ pretax. Its a lot
    Oct 1 0
  • Expedia Group Ghhjjfy
    Depends on your goals. If you wanna move to banking or mgmt consulting then going to top 5 program is worth it. If not, stay at Microsoft. Not sure foster has any value tbh
    Oct 1 0


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