Is there any referral scheme going on with Amazon

PayPal @Username
Feb 16 10 Comments

Some Sr. Dev from Amazon contacted me on LinkedIn asking for my resume. I simply asked what all the teams are hiring. She said it is internal details, and she can't share. I said I can't give resume based on employer name, and I need to know what I will be working on, hence JD is needed.

I suspect there is a scheme going on, so thay you can earn money out of it.
1. Why is she reluctant telling me about which teams are hiring? She will lose referral money if I directly contact Hiring Manager.
2. She said JD doesn't matter. Just WTF.
3. Fucking cutthroat competition even inside the company.

I would love to know your thoughts if this has happened to you anytime.


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  • Apple 88812122
    Don’t overthink amazon > paypal in every sense
    Feb 16 0
  • Amazon ConorMcGre
    Your current company is shit and filled with corruption which is why the mafia left. They also don't care about customers either as I've personally lost profit on my side business when integrated w PayPal. Now moved to Stripe thank God.

    If you're the typical PayPal engineer then may God help you to prepare because you need it. Once you get the offer from Amazon or a FANGM, then you can talk smack.
    Feb 16 3
    • PayPal @Username
      Thank you very much for details. If you don't mind can you explain me how can I come out of typical PayPal engineer mindset? It would help me as well to grow.
      Feb 16
    • Amazon ConorMcGre
      Well, I like that you realize that you need to do something. This is the first step...some members in Partner Payments and Marketplaces, Merchant Onboarding, and Hermes team all under Bill Scott are arrogant and petty.

      Advice is to just Leetcode. Take some CS funda classes.
      Feb 16
    • PayPal @Username
      Thank you for taking time and write all this. 😃
      Feb 16
  • Microsoft Jeph
    ^ +1

    Amazon >>> PayPal in every sense. All you are doing here is trying to come up with conspiracy theories and inflate your ego
    Feb 16 0
  • Microsoft MarcusA
    Others have already pointed out here that you are just reading too much into this. To answer the specific questions you asked

    1. No body would share hiring manager contact with you prior to loops being set up. Hiring managers time is expensive and if they were to allocate time to respond to every PayPal engineer who wants to apply at Amazon, that would cost them quite a bit. Alternatively, you may be a generic resource that may not be specifically targeted for a particular group or a job posting - they might just wanna phone screen you and then make a determination.

    2. She is right about JD not mattering at the state of sending your resume. They have too many open positions that they will be able to put you in one of those assuming you live up to expected levels of those positions. It's good for your ego to think you are an equal party in this process. Reality is you are the commodity , the unknown commodity in this equation - after you honor them with your resume and perhaps a phone screen, they would be in a position to see how best to fit you in any open positions.

    Asking for JD is not unreasonable, jumping to conclusions about the other person's intentions is.

    It's completely silly of you to bring a financial angle at this point. As others pointed out, all you are doing is, inflating your ego.
    Feb 17 1
    • PayPal @Username
      Thank you for the details. This was an eye opener for me!
      Feb 17
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • PayPal @Username
      She is a dev. Cross checked.
      Feb 16
  • eBay JnhHglH
    You get 1.5k for a successful referral who gets hired but honestly we're already out here making mid 6 figures. I'm making 170k TC as a new grad. After tax itll be a negligible 900? Which is decent but I'm not sure if it's worth scrounging around linkedin for/risking your reputation for HM's when you want to refer your friends
    Feb 17 0


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