Is there anything I can do about Facebook’s RSU vesting schedule?

Google xCmj81
Jul 10 19 Comments

Received an L4 offer from Facebook (167k+75k+355k). The things is Facebook has this “interesting” vesting schedule: I’m joining FB on August 19th, then I would skip the next quarterly vesting cycle on December 15th, and get my first vesting (for a quarter’s worth) February next year. So basically I won’t get RSU for the first three months (August to December) working at Facebook and decreases my income for the first 12 months by about 22k.

One thing I thought about doing is change my start date to August 5th then I can get the first vesting on December 15th. But unexpectedly the bootcomp for that date is at capacity so I’m stuck with the August 19th. For various reasons, I think it’s highly unlikely I would work at Facebook for over four years to get all the RSU, basically I think I just lost 22k because of the start date.

I know I should have considered the vesting schedule before signing the offer. However i needed to transfer my h1b and I was told by the recruiter that the join date is pretty “flexible”, so I decided to join after 3 months of accepting the offer, which is August 19th to guarantee the h1b stuff could be settled by that time. Right now I’m feeling very frustrated and a bit cheated and shocked, i definitely didn’t expect a 15 day difference in join date could cost me 22k.

Before accepting the offer I negotiated with the recruiter that I want my first 12 month compensation to be over 330k to accept the offer, right it’s below that number by about 20k practically. The recruiter told me there’s nothing we could do to change the situation and encouraged me to view things in the long term—that I “can” get all the RSU eventually.

Anyone had similar case or have some idea about anything I can do? Can I try to negotiate with FB to accelerate my RSU vesting maybe?


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  • Google / Eng jf8s3b
    Your recruiter should have sent you a info sheet. The first vesting isn’t 1/16yh it’s slightly more since it pulls funds from the last vesting
    Jul 10 0
  • Microsoft / Eng FreshPrinc
    Your income is delayed not lost. You’re fine.
    Jul 10 1
    • Amazon Ticsgknd
      Meh kind of, but not really. That last quarterly vest that is now "later" would be replaced by a refresher to keep his TC what they want
      Jul 10
  • Facebook derpd
    You don't lose any money, that's not how it works.
    Jul 10 0
  • Facebook bfmnsn
    This E4 package is insane, highest I’ve ever seen.

    But be ready to see your TC reset to median when promoted to E5, if you stay long enough here.
    Jul 10 2
    • Facebook 44ffb4fb
      Exactly my thoughts. But refreshers are purely related to performance and not initial grants.
      Jul 10
    • Is it E4 or L4?
      Jul 10
  • Facebook Vasu56
    vesting is pro rata. You will get rsu for period aug-feb on 15th feb and after that quarterly.
    Jul 10 1
    • Google xCmj81
      That’s what I was hoping for. Thanks!
      Jul 10
  • Indeed / Eng ajf81
    You will never get all of your RSUs. They will keep giving you more and when you leave there'll always be some left on the table. If you're worried about the 22k, just stay at FB long enough for them to vest to you. Problem solved.
    Jul 10 0
  • Bank of America veVs08
    I think now that you accepted you lost most your leverage
    Jul 10 0
  • Rakuten lCSO32
    Jul 10 1
  • Why not take some off time and not work for a few months? Travel or do something you’ve never had time for. Then join during the dec cycle
    Jul 16 0
  • Facebook LzDl31
    They will adjust the amount of stock you get for uour first vest to be slightly higher since you are delayed longer
    Jul 11 0
  • Salesforce lzdE44
    First world problems
    Jul 10 0
  • Your E4 offer is great
    Jul 10 0
  • AMD nyKI57
    Don’t you have a 1 year cliff on the RSUs?
    Jul 10 0
  • Lockheed Martin 2coolforu
    That's unfortunate, that's why I would prefer the monthly vesting. They should up your sign on or something to account for that.
    Jul 10 0


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