Is there snow in Reno currently ?

Dell JinLing
Apr 22 9 Comments


If anyone has gone there last week or this week


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  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Snow is a DLC you have to purchase separately from Reno.
    Apr 22 4
    • Dell JinLing
      Whats DLC ?
      Apr 22
    • Downloadable content, it’s a joke
      Apr 22
    • LinkedIn glasscave
      Like your company
      Apr 22
    • I agree, but unlike you I don’t have to work for my salary, as I just get paid to watch YouTube
      Apr 22
  • Nvidia monolith
    That TC is too less for a vacation in Reno 😈
    Apr 22 2
    • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
      Firstly, Reno is a dump, you don’t “vacation” there. Secondly why does it matter if it snowed lol
      Apr 22
    • Microsoft a55h013
      Lived there; can confirm is a dump. Everyone I knew did everything they could to get out and never look back.
      Apr 22
  • Cisco wfhrtogja
    Apr 22 0