Is wealthfront ever going to ipo or get acquired?

Brex WsDJ21
Sep 2 5 Comments

What are the exit opportunities for wealthfront?


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  • Oracle halspfje
    How about brex though? Do you guys see yourselves going to ipo or getting acquired by someone major like visa?
    Sep 2 3
    • Oracle halspfje
      Also, is the growth still intact? Wondering if it’s a good place to start a career. New grad with 3 yrs exp here
      Sep 2
    • Brex WsDJ21
      Can't tell yet on ipo or acquisition. Founders say they want to build for the long term, but if Amex wants to buy us and offers 20 bullion, I find it hard founders would say no. I still feel like an IPO if it does happen is at least 2 years away. There's a ton of processes that need to be cleaned up internally well before an IPO could happen.

      Growth is still intact, exceeding our goals month after month.
      Sep 5
    • Oracle halspfje
      Where is growth coming from? New startups? Is it sustainable? Coz rate of new startups is def less than rate of on boarding
      Sep 5
  • New / Consultant Fsck disk
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