Its Q1 - JeffB has re-org announcement at his home too

Amazon fc2lmtYuk
Jan 10

Taking Amazon culture home, looks like Jeffs wife quit on him. May be she is on blind reading our suggestions on bad managers 😉


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  • Amazon fc2lmtYuk
    Oh just read that he cheated on her.
    His OLR Achivements -
    Insisting on higher standard boobs I guess.
    Thinking Big Boobs too.
    Jan 106
    • BlackBerry GrumpYVet
      He got himself a nice Latina lady
      Jan 10
    • Amazon ChiknTikka
      I didn't see anything that said he cheated. I saw that he and his wife had been separated for some time and then a report that he has been seeing somebody else. That's not called cheating, that's called separated.
      Jan 10
    • Bose bosebose
      Disagree and commit
      Jan 10
    • Evernote bakbak🐔
      Pretty sure that is still considered cheating
      Jan 10
    • Amazon ChiknTikka
      No, no its not. Not if you are separated and no longer have expectations of marital fidelity. After my wife filed for divorce and moved out I started dating again. Was over a year and a half before divorce was finalized. Was I "cheating"? No. Cheating is when you are in a monogamous, functioning marriage and go behind your partners back with others.
      Jan 10
    • Intel Jopdi(78
      Jan 10
  • Apple yVcI11
    Does she get HQ1 or 2?
    Jan 101
    • That depends does she want it in the front or in the back?
      Jan 10

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