J.P. Morgan Chase Jobs: Private Client Banker (PCB) vs. Relationship Banker (RB)

Northwestern Mutual fi-curious
Jun 30 9 Comments

I’m curious about the roles of RB and PCB at Chase in Los Angeles California. The bank has reached out to me and mention that starting salary is $42k a year plus bonus/commission. They are implying its fixed, but I’m imagining that’s how they want it to look. If I get offered the job, I want to negotiate up to $48k to $52k. Is this realistic? I don’t want to be insulting but I also don’t want to leave money on the table. I have an MBA, 1 year of experience in financial services, and my series 6,7, and 63.

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  • Soothe hahawtf
    Is this a meme? $42k after having an MBA?
    Jun 30 1
    • Northwestern Mutual fi-curious
      The average commission is about double the base salary, or so I’m being told.
      Jun 30
  • Credit Karma vdlj20
    Go work for tech... average starting salary is twice as much with that experience.... even member support makes 58k or more to start
    Jul 1 1
    • Northwestern Mutual fi-curious
      Any good tech companies in Fullerton, CA? I’ve had my eye on Raytheon. Attending a career fair there this week.
      Jul 2
  • New duduk
    Base never goes above 50k for all banker roles. But incentive plan is aggressive. You can earn more than 100k if you know what to do
    Oct 25 1
    • JPMorgan Chase SkfW36
      What do you need to do? 🤔
  • First Republic / Sales

    First Republic Sales

    First Republic Bank
    Apply for First Republic. Bankers start at $60k, with the most competitive comp plan and benefits.
    Jul 1 0
  • Oppenheimer & Co. MCDF08
    i was making $40k base when I was a RB (then known as personal banker). almost 10 years ago lol. definitely ask for more.

    worth noting top PCBs in NYC can clear 150k or more total comp
    Jul 1 0
  • Prosper / Mgmt Woweeee
    Chase will not negotiate very much on the base pay. I wouldn’t bank on maybe 2-3k. In terms of commission- unless you’re willing to do a lot of cold calling make sure your branch is in an affluent area with high foot traffic AND make friends with the teller as they will be your life line referrals.
    I worked for WAMU then chase in the branches along with my husband for a number of years and I personally find them a soul sucking company. So make sure if you’re hourly you take your breaks and if salary and travel record all mileage etc
    Jul 1 0


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