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Wells Fargo LIwn61
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JPMorgan is willing to guve people with a criminal recored a second chance, but not willig give some one whom is perfect for the opening job and got an offer then not declined the offer only because the candiate mistaken a question on the application and then try to explain the issue and provided full documents to show it was an misunderstanding. why did JP Morgan not give this candiate a second chance? Who wants to work for a firm that is fully or lies. What second chance???


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  • Wells Fargo LIwn61
    After several interview with JP Morgan. I got an offered for the position. Then the background check started after that it took over a month. Then one day out the blue I get an email sorry but we have to declined the offered that was it! On the email it only listed an toll free phone number I called the number to found out it was for fingerprint record after finally speaking to someone they told me it was not a finger print issues. I try to reach out to the security/background check people no one would get back to me for week the I contact the HR still nothing. Finally someone from the background check called to tell me it was all a misunderstanding on the application. Therefore they can’t offered the position. Now you going to tell me that the firm is willing to offer job to a person with criminal record but not to someone whom has a clean record with more than 10 yrs plus experiences with the banking industry. How is that correct? And how is letting the public know on CNN business new they are doing this as if the firm is giving a second chance? This is all a lie! Good thing I was smart not to quite my job yet, or else i be out of job and you think JPMorgan will care? The firm also did tell me I was NEVER ALLOWED TO APPLY FOR ANY JOBS WITH THEM AGAIN! Pretty hush but if you have a criminal record is ok to apply! Why would anyone want to work for this company?
    Oct 25 17
    • Citibank / Mgmt 🐟r🏷️
      OP, you said (I think) that they told you you are never eligible to reapply at the company? It's quite difficult to make sense of your writing. If I understood correctly then there is definitely something you're not telling us (or that you don't know). They don't permanently blacklist a candidate just because they weren't a good fit for a particular role. If they blacklisted then you did something during the process (or in your background) to make them bar you.
      Oct 25
    • Chase vsf fdp
      TC or GTFO...
      Oct 25
    • Wells Fargo / IT aggie

      OP probably comes from my country or similar background, what environment are you talking about?

      Is it too much to expect someone in their 30s to tell us what their actual complaint is. He's wrote an essay here without making sense or getting to the point. That's called rambling or ranting I imagine? Correct me if I'm wrong, English is my third language.

      And you can take your own advice, and ignore my comments if you don't like them.
      Oct 25
    • Goldman Sachs djs0l
      Come on. Just move on!!! There are plenty of financial services opportunities out there.
      Oct 27
    • Mutual of Omaha / Eng

      Mutual of Omaha Eng

      I use blockchains to tie up Machine Learning AI’s. But only if I can 10x the synergy that I leverage via the Cloud. *First person to finish Leetcode*
      Given OP’s lack of writing skills, looks like JPM made the right call...
      Oct 28
  • Indeed sosavage
    Why are you talking around the point? It’s Blind.
    Oct 24 0
  • Chase / Finance

    Chase Finance

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Director at MS
    Come on OP come clean where did you lie about in the application
    Oct 25 0
  • Deutsche Bank xwqw03
    Position might have been cancelled or put on hold or they found some one internally. Happens all the time in banks assuming you don't have background check issue.
    Oct 25 2
    • Citibank / Mgmt 🐟r🏷️
      They told OP they're "never allowed to apply at the company again." There's certainly much more to it than has been written.
      Oct 25
    • Deutsche Bank xwqw03
      Might be but given the size of the bank, I really would not bother about it. I don't really think they meant it. OP has pushed them hard and no one likes that. He should have politely moved on.
      Oct 25
  • Chase Paymentech sqSk55
    I can't say much about this particular situation but I can say from first hand experience, JPMC pushes the "equally and inclusion" card pretty hard. I'm all for fairness of opportunity but JPMC, like a lot of big firms, likes to put their finger on the scale to try and affect "fairness" in outcome.

    I know mnay very qualified white straight males who seem to have been passed over because they are straight white males.

    I can totally see them hiring an ex con. over a qualified candidate with a clean record just so they feel like the are" leveling the playing field".

    Just virtue signaling I'd you ask me.
    Oct 25 0
  • Roku cruella
    What happened
    Oct 24 0
  • Charles Schwab nelabjwbq£
    Not following. What was the discrepancy or misunderstanding? Usually they check your tenure, title, criminal background, so did you list your information wrong on the application?
    Oct 25 0
  • Deutsche Bank xwqw03
    Generally it takes 3 to 5 months for FTE hire in banks to join.Lot of approval and checks. They hire slow and fire fast.
    Oct 25 0
  • Chase BwSe48
    I got the same doubt. Later I thought it might be that those candidate with criminal background might be just cheap.
    Oct 25 0
  • Thomson Reuters UncleMao
    Obviously somebody used his fingers to commit a crime.
    Oct 25 0
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