Java 8 / How many companies use Functional programming aspect of Java?

Twitter / Eng ONgH28
Apr 26 9 Comments

Quite comfortable to Scala, so thinking if I should explore Java 8.


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  • Microsoft moxbill
    Java is a dead language. It really needs to go away completely already.
    Apr 26 3
    • Stack Overflow and GitHub statistics disagree with you, but you work at Microsoft so dumb shit is expected from you.
      Apr 26
    • Oracle iOFR21
      why? are you so bad at Java?
      Apr 26
    • TribalScale sfUN21
      It won't as long as dinosaurs are still around
      Apr 26
  • Uber tgt u CD
    I use java stream
    Apr 26 0
  • Apple / Eng aGkq74
    We use it everyday.
    Apr 26 0
  • Intuit what!
    Only new projects use it. Also it heavily depends on the developer’s interest also.
    Apr 26 0
  • Visa A1h007
    I guess all modern java programmers use Streams, it’s fun and makes your code concise and expressive.
    Apr 29 1