Jeff Bezos cheating

Intuit CKit80
Jan 9 16 Comments

Does him cheating on his wife qualify him for “lacking integrity” ? Does it come under HR review at Amazon 😉😉😉


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    • Facebook EntBlind
      Kinda trashy. Sergey’s Brin’s affair was similarly disappointing
      Jan 9
    • His current wife more beautiful. I agree. But beauty is im the eye of the beholder
      Jan 9
    • They stood in line behind me at famous ice cream place a few years ago w their kids. She looks like she’s way above his league.

      I would never date him even if he’s a billionaire
      Jan 9
    • Blizzard others
      I don’t think u would have to worry
      Jan 9
    • Oracle pycharm
      Lol @smiley because your dating standard is the universal benchmark?
      Jan 9
    • Did I say that my dating standard is a universal benchmark? Learn to read.

      I said I would not date Jeff Bezos and people are pissed. Good evening!
      Jan 9
  • Amazon Ha5fg1q
    I can’t imagine he is easy to live with. Or be around for a few minutes.
    Jan 9 0
  • Autodesk thunderr
    Depends. What was his TC?
    Jan 9 1
    • F5 Networks Op64em
      Less than what LinkedIn pays its senior engineers.
      Jan 9
  • How do you know he was cheating?
    Jan 9 2
    • Microsoft pock
      Maybe it was with OP
      Jan 9
    • Intuit CKit80
      Nah, even if I was gay, I have better taste
      Jan 11
  • Amazon bobabutt
    TC or GTFO
    Jan 9 0
  • New Apollon
    So he’s into fake boobs and fake lips. Nothing new here, next. But it does seem hypocritical if integrity is part of HR review lol
    Jan 11 0
  • Dirty sanchez
    Jan 9 0

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