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Oct 8 22 Comments

A month or two I heard about lay-offs at PayPal. How is the job scenario there now ?


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  • Salesforce aw3some
    Why would you want to work for PayPal anyways? Lol
    Oct 8 18
    • Salesforce aw3some

      I think you don't seem to understand whats happening inside. First, the layoff was purely engineering. I know lot of good engineers were affected by and they went to Linkedin etc. ( I definitely know what's going on)

      @chase: you don't know the big picture yet. If they were having such good numbers. Why did you think they had "massive" layoff 3 times in a row in the same year.

      Their NNA and activations are going down
      Oct 11
    • Salesforce aw3some
      @snowp: I'm talking about 200k base for se3 not mts2 😂
      Oct 11
    • PayPal / Eng v3nm0
      @aw3some - Honestly reorgs do not really bother me. I sincerely was hoping to get more insights from you as to how SF is better at innovating, product and engineering practice and if generally the culture and the prevailing knowledge at SF is better.
      Oct 11
    • PayPal snowp
      Lets talk about total compensation, I know sf doesn’t give any refreshers and I believe you would have been mts 1 if stayed back and I believe 270 k is easily achievable considering the stock increase we had in last 4 years
      Oct 11
    • Salesforce aw3some
      @snowp: first off, you are incorrect about refreshers. I did get a lot of refreshers.(depends on your org) So your bias is incorrect. And second, I'm not with Salesforce anymore. Joining FAANG soon. Third, for sf, the culture is much better than pp. Don't believe me? Check glassdoor, Linkedin :)

      Honestly I'm elucidating the facts. And for your information, I know MTS-1 who are getting paid less than 210k TC. And I believe the base cap at PayPal is 200k. So let's not talk about comp :)
      Oct 11
  • PayPal logn
    Hiring free in most Orgs. Company is starting to realize that it cannot survive with freeloaders that are less professional than a college freshman. Pushing for the hiring of young bloods and firing the old/expensive slackers.
    Oct 8 2
    • Emtrain / Product Decimeter
      Is it worth applying for an open position listed right now?
      Oct 8
    • Go for it
      Oct 9


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