Juniper Expected Salary Question?

Qualcomm dynasty001
Feb 11 9 Comments

Trying to schedule a phone interview with a recruiter and he asked me to fill a “hiring form”. Among other things, it asks me to fill the “expected salary”! Juniper is not listed on

Is there a way i can get an approximate info?

Yoe: 4.5years
TC : $121k
Modem S/W engineer


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  • Juniper jnpr2000
    First of all, ask them what position they are hiring for. If you do not have any other experience they will offer you software engineer 3 and typical pay is below 120k base. If you get anything near 125k I will be surprised. Now, if we are talking about software engineer 4, then base is around 140k.

    I would suggest look for other companies. With even a moderate level of online search you would know that Juniper is a sinking ship. Even after this warning, if you wish to pursue this, ask for more base salary. And last thing, they never pay targetted bonus percentage. It has been averaging out to 70-75% of the 'target' bonus from last 3-4 years.

    Bottom line is, run in the opposite direction.
    Feb 11 7
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      Thing is i am basically getting started on with interviews. Juniper would be my first interview after ages. Shall i focuw on LC mediums/easies? I am currently 60 questions in. Any specific area to cover? I am going over glassdoor as well
      Feb 12
    • Juniper ㄴㅇㄴ
      That idk.
      Feb 12
    • Amadeus Trick2g
      If juniper is paying shit tc, then why the fuck are you working there and why the fuck is op even applying there lol?
      Feb 12
    • Juniper jnpr2000
      fuck yeah. I am not working there anymore yo. Thanks bro for the fucking advice
      Feb 12
    • Juniper jnpr2000
      @dynasty001; LC easy and medium should be fine. They usually ask bit manipulations, data structures and basic string Q.
      Feb 12
  • Cisco / Eng softwa
    My advice would be to stay away from Juniper. It is an extremely mismanaged company. Nepotism is prevalent in Juniper. If you are not good at sucking up, you will be doomed inside Juniper.
    Feb 27 0


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