Just finished 1 month @ Tripactions and quitting

TripActions Moyhjkg
Nov 13 16 Comments

Complete bullshit company. Co founders are full of themselves and talk down to you. There are kids here who are VPs, unbearable hours and pathetic culture.

Should have read other posts before joining.


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  • eBay Smqv36
    But I came to know that out of all these year there was only one person who quit in engineering group and the companies attrition rate is very vey low in engineering group.
    Nov 13 3
    • TripActions Ycck
      We had 3 ppl leave in just the last 4 months
      Nov 13
    • Amazon edi
      Smqv36 what you are saying is too good to be true for any company
      Nov 13
    • eBay Smqv36
      I just shared the info that employee mentioned
      Nov 14
  • Cruise Automation gasp
    I've been very vocal about this. TA is absolute trash.
    Nov 14 3
    • TripActions Ycck
      I'm optimistic. Things are getting better these days
      Nov 15
    • TripActions mdrgvgh
      You’ve been vocal? Good to see you here Ben.
      Nov 21
    • TripActions helln4b
      @gasp Hey Ben! Hope you’re well
      Nov 22
  • Guidewire deafy
    Interviewed there. And yes HR was quite messy first HR round they didnt call me I had to send out email. For tech phone round I wfh and they didnt show up lol. I was continuing just to see how many consecutive misses they can get and to prove that my instinct was right. They have good vision and good product though wish culture is better. They'll be successful if they execute correctly and slowly. One of the best platform I learned about and can literally kill SAP's concur. I felt that everyone just wanted it to go IPO but about to burn out. I didnt get offer but wouldn't join unless equity is north of 600k base on how many hours you pull.
    Nov 13 3
    • TripActions Ycck
      600k 😂 good luck with that
      Nov 14
    • eBay Smqv36
      Oh do they pay close to 600k ?
      Nov 14
    • Cruise Automation gasp
      Lol no. Pay is under market.
      Nov 14
  • Booking.com B.Unknown
    What about tc?
    Nov 15 0
  • New AaYM85
    Can you provide some more details about the culture there? I was thinking about joining.
    Nov 14 0
  • TripActions Thfgd
    It's been a week, did you quit yet?
    Nov 20 0
  • T-Mobile heckoworld
    At least you found out early enough. 1 month time investment is recoverable
    Nov 13 0


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