Just got approved h1b but getting offer from another company

Samsung / Eng FWzv67
Jun 1 4 Comments

I just got an email from current employer’s law firm saying I got the h1b lottery. However I am waiting for an offer from another company which I really want to go. I am currently on a TN work visa. Should I wait for the h1b change of status before changing jobs or can the new employer directly continue the process? Anyone had similar experience?


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  • Samsung


    Micron Technology, VMware
    Why change from TN to H1B?
    Jun 1 2
    • Roku ta-da
      My guess is to apply for PERM. You can't on TN visa.
      Jun 1
    • Samsung / Eng FWzv67
      Jun 1
  • Nvidia pocoloco
    Wait till 1 Oct then ask new company for transfer
    Jun 1 0