Just how bad are things @ Bethesda?

Cisco Janelle
Dec 7, 2018 9 Comments

Seeing how bad Fallout 76 is, and only getting worse with each patch Bethesda releases, not to mention lying to people ordering the $200 version by switching from a nice canvas bag to nylon trash and now turns out that their support site leaked peoples info....just how fucked up are things @ Bethesda?



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TOP 9 Comments
  • Boeing / OpsAirbus
    They are really falling out
    Dec 7, 20180
  • Microsoft chown_US
    Kind of think the games industry is in trouble.

    EA has always been evil but has produced some worthwhile games, now they've had basically no success for the last year of games.

    Bethesda is trying to make things right but now people are seeing that 76 was pushed before it was ready or worse just a giant cash grab.

    People have bemoaned this generation for Xbox because there's not a lot of exclusives compared to PlayStation. Can't just push decent indie games and expect it to replace AAA console sellers.

    I think people are starting to get fatigued of the now yearly swarm of multiplayer sandboxes or battle arenas and are looking for more immersion-focused experiences like Red Dead.
    Dec 7, 20182
    • FireEye / DesignMelonMusk
      Games have always been a risky business especially if you read on hoe they got started/almost crashed but saved by Nintendo. There's a lot of moving pieces alone and even though there are people making a succesfull indie game in their basement that is extremely rare haha!

      I would even argue people don't want realistic looking games. That's a huge misconception.
      Dec 7, 2018
    • I’m curious to see how well Cyberpunk 2077 does.
      Dec 8, 2018
  • Cisco Janelle
    Oh and I bought the game thinking it would be good but hell if it won’t crash every few minutes. This game is complete garbage and I can’t get my money back. Is there a lawyer in the house?
    Dec 7, 20180
  • Fallout 4 is on sale in the steam store.
    Dec 7, 20180
  • Cisco CapTKirk
    And by “they” I mean Bethesda management. I feel bad for the hard working folks @ Bethesda who had no control on releasing this game seeing the Bethesda name dragged thru the mud.
    Dec 7, 20180
  • Cisco CapTKirk
    Fallout 76 clearly was a cash grab, which is fine if they had released a quality product. They built a social experiment of “can we build a game in Fallout universe with much lower development budget?” Just think how much they saved in voice acting due to lack of NPCs and test matrix to verify it works. But they released 18 months too early. Plethora of crashes and bugs in wild make that clear. They royally f’ed up.
    Dec 7, 20180
  • FireEye / DesignMelonMusk
    They've always been known for broken games with spaguetti code 🤷‍♂️
    Dec 7, 20180

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