Just turned 21, what do I do now?

Walmart / Eng notSooNoob
Oct 31 32 Comments

except leetcode


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  • Boeing 🐼 panda
    - complete an undergraduate degree, if you do not already have one.
    - consult your career center and other resources on your résumé and your options
    - get a job.
    - start contributing max % to your 401k and start a separate/private Roth IRA
    - continue to get twice annual dental exams
    - do not accrue any more debt (assuming you already have student loans and a car payment.)
    - do your due diligence to understand government, civics, macroeconomics, domestic & foreign policy, then VOTE.
    - tell your mom you love her. you would not be alive and would not have been born without her.
    - in any and every circumstance, make absolutely sure that intercourse is both CONSENSUAL and PROTECTED against STDs and babies.
    - personally, i think dont do drugs is a good life rule. but if you must, make sure you're in a safe & positive place, with friends you love, and that car keys are firmly locked away.
    i think that about covers it.
    Oct 31 12
    • Axtria 🐨 koala
      Done with masters at 21? I am starting mine at 31 haha. Wish me luck :)
      Oct 31
    • Amazon alehop
      and don’t shit where you eat too
      Oct 31
    • HERE / R&D HydroFlak
      Basically that post from Panda sums it up. Don’t go into consumer debt. Start saving NOW. Be true to yourself. Don’t be a dick.
      Oct 31
    • Boeing 🐼 panda
      thanks, hydro.
      Oct 31
    • HERE / R&D HydroFlak
      Nov 1
  • Facebook KNey36
    Beat your meat and go to sleep
    Oct 31 3
    • Riverbed Technology siegel
      Oct 31
    • Facebook KNey36
      Thanks. I was too busy with mine and didn’t notice it.
      Oct 31
    • Walmart / Eng notSooNoob
      Oct 31
  • Amazon / Eng Goa'uld
    You are one year closer to dying. Bad move!
    Oct 31 1
  • Microsoft (:£81)
    Find a good life partner. When personal life is sorted it reflects in professional life.
    Oct 31 2
    • Boeing 🐼 panda
      Oct 31
    • Boeing 🐼 panda
      this is borderline bullying. i did not flag it, but not cool.
      Oct 31
  • Microsoft (:£81)
    Join gym. Build 💪🏻
    Oct 31 0
  • Go apply to jobs in different parts of the world before you have a family to tie you down
    Oct 31 0
  • Slack ILjN60
    Max out your 401k
    Oct 31 0
  • Salesforce lsSn48
    Oct 31 0
  • Uber angela-g
    Max out 401(k) as everyone before me has said. Don't do drugs or smoke. Fall in Love
    Oct 31 0
  • LinkedIn rabbithole
    Fkc bitc hiiiis make money
    Oct 31 0
  • Cisco
    🦙 Alpaca


    I am the Alpaca. DM me if you want to cuddle.
    🦙 Alpacamore
    Go out and drink
    Oct 31 0
  • Amazon rtone
    Netflix and chill
    Oct 31 0
  • Indeed / Eng uPrj01
    Start saving for retirement and wait for your retirement to come.
    Oct 31 0
  • Amazon BigPipping
    Turned 21? You can have a Chev Chelios day
    Crank https://youtu.be/8rvYrVTnSWw
    Oct 31 0


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