Kamala Harris' next target: Banning AR-15-style assault weapons

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May 15 5 Comments


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  • Verizon G.Jetson
    When they look to limit guns based on their appearance rather than their functionality, they really show off how little they understand even simple concepts.
    May 15 1
    • American Express D.BCooper
      My favorite is "Semi auto assault style weapon". Which means nothing.

      Most all guns are semi auto. It is not an assault weapon without full auto. That means it cannot be semi-auto.

      Maybe they need to ban full auto assaults? Already restricted. Assault style? Uh, this is broad and gives room to define what "assault style" is. Military style? Hmm.

      Also, an ar-15 (Stands for ArmaLite, not assualt rifle) isn't even that fun to hobby shoot. Most people I know with them don't use them much.

      This is why gun owners roll their eyes.
      May 15
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    We should ban all guns, because criminals can shoot others with them.
    We should ban all sharp objects, because criminals can stab people with them.
    We should ban all cars, because criminals can use them to run people over.
    We should to ban gas and alcohol, because criminals can use them to set buildings on fire.
    We should ban all rocks and bricks, because criminals can throw them off of a tall building hit people in the head with it.
    There’s a billion more things we need to ban to stop the violence. By just banning guns, gun violence will just turn into knife, sword, crossbow or katana violence, mass shooting will probably become mass arson. Guns are just tools, they don’t kill people. People kill people. Criminals, crazy people didn’t convit crimes because guns or nra told them to, it’s because they wanted to. And if someone wants to do something terrible there’s nothing you can do to prevent that. Banning guns, they will just buy from black market, or just use another tool. I don’t know why there’s so many people just can’t understand such simple concept...
    May 15 0
  • Google pmperson
    Kamala Harris seems like a good middle path candidate in a Dem field full of left wing nut jobs.
    May 15 0
  • Amazon


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