Karat opinions anyone?

Capital One listo/a
Apr 23 4 Comments

What is your experience using Karat in the interview process. For those looking and hiring.

From a looking perspective it doesn’t work for me with regards to:

1. Privacy. Your video/audio recording is sent for review before you know who’s on the other end.
2. Isolation. You are unconnected with your host because they don’t work at the company you are applying to.
3. Scripted. I wasn’t given more than few minutes to describe my background and got interrupted to move to the next part. Feels unnatural.

I would not go through another interview process using Karat.



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TOP 4 Comments
  • F5 Networks RRA
    I prefer to use a Karat and Stick approach.
    Apr 23 0
  • Oracle kaizer
    I think most companies want to test your coding knowledge/efficiency for the initial phone round. For that I think Karat is good option. Also you can schedule it on a weekend as well. Cool.
    Apr 23 0
  • Pinterest / Eng hellokappa
    From the perspective of an interviewee I enjoyed it. The guy I got was really fun to chat with and we hammered through problems. It was also my first weekend interview so that was cool (Saturday interview)
    Apr 23 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Groupon, Amazon
    It’s better than homework or web assessment which is often the alternative to this.
    Apr 23 0


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