Keep one house as "base camp" while moving around to different cities for work?

Intel GWGA84
Feb 6

Just curious how many of you have thought about the idea of holding on to a nice house as "base camp" (i.e. never selling it) while still moving around to different cities for jobs and renting cheap.

You might want to keep this house for many reasons:
1. You can't afford as nice or nicer house in most other cities where you could find jobs
2. You're emotionally or mentally invested in this house
3. The current value of the house is less than what you paid for it (or still paying).
4. Other reasons.

Sometimes I just feel I should make a permanent home somewhere where I could always return to if needed. I wouldn't move all my stuff again and again. If I found a better job in another city, I would just take what I needed from my permanent home and return back. Exactly what I said before -- a "base camp".


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  • Uber / EngoOBb03
    This is what I did. I rented it out at times.
    Feb 62
    • Intel GWGA84
      Was it fully paid off? How long did it take you?
      Feb 6
    • Uber / EngoOBb03
      Not anywhere close, but I lived in it for 2 years. I moved back after 18 months of moving around for work. Now my wife refuses to leave again.
      Feb 6
  • New ktFx33
    Only if you rent it out
    Feb 60
  • Benefitfocus / Data


    Teradata, Walmart, Apple, Overstock.com
    I’ve thought about having a house in Florida or Texas... somewhere with zero income tax and low overall taxes... then living in hotels, extended stays, and long term Airbnbs.
    Feb 61
    • You know those places have property taxes to makes up for no income taxes right? So if you own a home there but live elsewhere you'll be paying high property taxes AND income taxes in whatever state you're actually living in.
      Feb 6
  • Amazon Rxjs525
    Rather open a swiss bank account
    Feb 60

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