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Jul 25 5 Comments

spouse at L2 EAD but companies like Tesla denied processing the interview stating that their immigration team doesn't approve of L2 EAD.

is it a common practice by other companies as well?
which companies should be targeted?

partner's experience 13 years
domain- product design


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  • Deloitte / Other Gfes23
    Hard to prove discrimination unfortunately. Most job postings now openly say they will not continue if the applicant needs sponsorship.
    Jul 25 2
    • Qualcomm NqAf57
      EAD means no sponsorship needed.
      Jul 26
    • Deloitte / Other Gfes23
      And that’s why companies clear word it “no sponsorship now or in the future”
      Jul 26
  • Walmart
    Very few understand that EAD requires no sponsorship and some 'know it all' recruiters refuse to talk to their immigration team to confirm the status.
    Jul 26 0
  • Qualcomm NqAf57
    That's technically illegal discrimination but it's almost impossible to prove that in court.
    Jul 25 0


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