L4 -> L5 equivalent On a Job Switch?

Google aSpN50
Oct 11 5 Comments

Currently considering switching jobs, in particular I'm in the process at Facebook. I've been at Google for ~2.5 years as an L4, with CME, CME, EE, EE on my perf. I'm owning a couple important efforts for our team, but they are taking quite a while to get out the door, so I figure I'm still a good year at best from promo. I have about 8 years total in the Industry, 18 moths as an SDE 2 at Amazon, then the previous four at a company you've never heard of. Would it be reasonable to ask for an E5 at facebook? I'm pretty reluctant to reset the clock at E4 yet again at this point.


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  • Google WFHeng
    You’d probably need 2-3 SEE for L5?
    Oct 12 1
    • Google aSpN50
      Agreed. I'm expecting I'll likely get an SEE this cycle, but like I said in my post, I'm not really anticipating promo at Google for another year at least. What I'm asking about is asking for an E5 at Facebook, not promo at Google.
      Oct 12
  • Google / Eng woot-woot
    I think facebook will consider you for E5 even if you dont ask for it.
    Oct 12 0
  • Google fangu
    Definitely do it. People with less years of experience make the switch to L5 at fb all the time. I would consider doing the same (2 YOE, L4 (promoed midyear)) in the next 1-2 years, so absolutely no reason you shouldn't do it.
    Oct 12 0
  • New / Eng sim0052
    If you think you're there go for it.
    Oct 11 0


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