L4-5 promote salary increase rate for field sales

Amazon / Sales


Oracle, IBM
Jun 27, 2018 5 Comments


I just promote from L4 to L5 with base salary increased for less than 20% and without additional RSU, does that make sense?


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  • Amazon / Othercut a sev6
    Yeah. Your existing TC might be too high if you came in as L4 when the stock price was low. Technically there's a cap at 10% base raise that your mgr can override. But not a whole lot of flexibility
    Jun 27, 20180
  • Amazon / Eng


    Same here, got promoted last quarter... no additional RSU's and just 15% base bump
    Jun 27, 20180
  • Amazon 12356.$/8/
    My manager is like I can bump your base salary to 10% max. No RSUs. He said that I am already in the L5 payband.
    Jun 27, 20180
  • Amazon / Engfireant
    It depends on your existing base, total compensation. In case you believe the nos are screwed it is mostly because you were already in the existing payband of L5. I have seen people getting 50% hike and 10% in the same cycle, it was basically to normalize the compensation.
    Jun 27, 20180
  • New Vc33tu
    Nope. Target for 30% base bump + twice stock for next 4 years compared to what you got at L4.
    Jun 27, 20180

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