Lab126, A9 or operation/logistics technology

Microsoft booBo
Jan 15 7 Comments

Got reached out from multiple Amazon recruiters and need to schedule interviews. I am thinking of moving ahead with one of them only. What do Amazon people think of these orgs and which do you think is better in general? Operation technology is Seattle and other 2 are in Bay Area. Though location is not a factor.


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  • Amazon / Eng fHUg57
    Last Mike sucks
    Jan 15 3
    • Microsoft booBo
      Sorry it was operation technology not last mile.
      Jan 15
    • Amazon syrbskcb
      Anything operations at Amazon means shitty wlb.
      Jan 15
    • Microsoft booBo
      I think this is more of like logistics/supply chain operations. Recruiter said this org has no oncall.
      Jan 15
  • New TKpg12
    My top pick would be Lab126 - interesting device projects in the pipeline.

    While working at the home base is nice, the Operations/Logistics Technology sounds dull - but that's just me, I don't know your background or interests.

    Finally, a definite pass on A9. the propsect of working in adtech at the world's most advanced e-commerce company is harrowing. Their aggressive ads strategy has already gotten them into trouble. Such a bummer that Amazon hopped on that bandwagon.
    Jan 15 0
  • Amazon ✊ThanosJS
    A9 wlb is better than Amzn as well as pay
    Jan 16 1
    • Amazon qMiu32
      @ThanosJS is wlb better because the employees in east palo alto office are generally smarter (masters and PhDs from top schools)?
      Sep 2