Language with highest standard of literary merit

May 20 8 Comments

by level of quality in the classics or modern works



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  • VMware / Eng algos
    I doubt if techies are right audience to vote for this post, it's like asking an engineer what's the best programming language? Of course their answers will be biased.
    May 20 2
    • OP
      Unfortunately, this is the class we will have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Let's hear what people in this industry think. It is more likely that the people who actually bother to parse through 19 options have the patience of reading for pleasure than the typical Blind user.

      And surely, I would rather survey academics in comparative world literature; but they are not accessible to me.
      May 20
    • VMware / Eng algos
      Gotcha! In my opinion, have separate polls for East & West. Because, as you know the Western languages are completely different from Eastern. Is this for some project research or for some personal hobbie?
      May 20
  • ConocoPhillips 629-$
    Chinese is my favorite language
    May 20 1
    • Salesforce op
      This is nice. But that was not the question.

      Now remind me modern Chinese author, writing in Chinese, who became very popular outside of his homeland.

      I.e. for Japanese I can remember Haruki Murakami.
      For Russian - Pelevin.
      May 20
  • Snapchat jmcnBbsled
    I was super biased towards English until I read the three body problem series. Not only is this a great story, but it fundamentally shifts from Western storytelling.
    May 20 1
    • Amazon cnnfox
      Names of books?
      May 20
  • Salesforce op
    Modern works. Latin.
    You go, girl, keep on smoking whatever is that you smoke.
    May 20 0