Lattice? Do you use it and like it?

Atlassian SNdp42
Mar 14

My startup of 50 employees is looking to better track 1:1’s / OKRs / feedback / praise.

It seems like Lattice has gotten some traction. Anyone use it? What’s been your experience?


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  • Microsoft unUx62
    I take it your startup is Lattice?
    Mar 140
  • Reflektive iVfp72
    DM me if you would like a demo.
    Mar 140
  • Reflektive iVfp72
    take a look at what we are doing and you might want to try ours. :D
    Mar 140
  • Citrix Systems peda
    Read it as lettuce 🥬
    Mar 140
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Math? I use it every day. Physics? I see it every day.
    Mar 140

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