Lay-off while waiting on receipt for next company

PayPal FMGY12
Jan 26 7 Comments

Posting for a friend,
My friend was affected as part of mass lay-off in a startup(due to budget cut and the startup not doing well). His job was terminated. He had H1B transfer initiated sometime back with Amazon and yet to receive a receipt.The background check was cleared sometime back.

Should he let the hiring manager / HR at Amazon know about it?
Will the job offer be impacted?

Edit: Company gave one month severance.

PS: Although this is a poll, Please share why you would prefer yes/no



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  • New / Other AuntHilda
    I don't think he needs to notify Amazon HR about it. If he was given severance which can be at least 2 weeks or more, it will be like a regular paycheck. In the meantime, his receipt will come through. I was in the same situation and I got 8 weeks severance. It came like a regular paycheck bi-weekly. My attorney said that it is considered similar to me being employed during that period.
    Jan 26 3
    • Facebook / Eng Carmine
      That’s if he is getting severance. If the startup closes shop whose cutting the checks?
      Jan 26
    • PayPal FMGY12
      Getting one month severance but employment was terminated yesterday
      Jan 26
    • PayPal FMGY12
      Looks like u told ur new attorney abt ur situation. He is worried that, if there is some RFE and manager found it later, it would be a bad situation
      Jan 26
  • PayPal Main
    Why isn’t your friend posting on Blind for themselves?
    Jan 27 0
  • Amazon Real_Santa
    I don't even understand this... AMZN gave an offer, that means that the want the person on board and they are invested in the process and person. YES you notify your recruitment POC and get as much help and support you can get. Wtf is to think about this...?
    Jan 27 0
  • Oracle fedora
    He can still join using the FedEx delivery notice if they have mailed his H1 application to uscis.
    Jan 26 0