Layoffs @ Capital One

Amazon / Eng scoops34
May 22 20 Comments


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  • F5 Networks / Eng <-
    This sucks. Happy to refer folks at F5.
    May 22 9
    • F5 Networks / Eng <-
      Lol did you just edit your older comment from "what makes you think I'm still there?" to "do you own the company?".

      I pity your lame come back.
      May 23
    • F5 Networks baba-
      You can lol as much as you want.

      With constant layoffs, you must be pretty proud of the culture at F5.
      May 23
    • F5 Networks / Eng <-
      Tbh, I'm proud of the culture at F5. I wouldn't be still here otherwise.

      And, yes, in the last 5 years having three layoffs can definitely be considered as constant layoffs.
      May 23
    • F5 Networks baba-
      Good for you. Stay proud but donโ€™t misinform.

      May 23
    • F5 Networks / Eng <-
      Please enlighten me if we had more.
      May 23
  • Capital One / Eng aeYv53
    SF location is much more diverse in it's portfolio, and there are a number of critical Enterprise teams located there. That location is doubling it's headcount this year, so it's doing just fine. Plus it's a trophy office for the company being able to say it's a tech company.
    May 24 2
    • Amazon catowayne
      Do you consider C1 a tech company?
      May 25
    • Capital One / Eng SWE964
      May 28
  • I'm sorry for those folks, but honestly 160 jobs can easily be absorbed by other tech conpanies in Seattle.
    May 22 1
    • Amazon / Eng scoops34
      That's true.
      There's almost all of Amazon and Microsoft.
      May 22
  • Capital One fjebdu
    yikes! didnโ€™t even know if this through my own company. SF seems to be doing really well
    May 22 0
  • Capital One Atari400
    Leaving Seattle was a function of leaving the primary roboinvesting business. SF has several major functions that are only growing in scope so I think it will only get larger.
    May 23 0
  • Capital One / Eng Nspg41
    We decided to leave the robo advisor biz, unfortunate IMO but I get biz prioritization needs
    May 23 0
  • Capital One / Design UYkP53
    What we were told yesterday is that this was a geography decision rather than a business decision. Is it true that C1 Investing is going away?
    May 23 0
  • Capital One / Eng xmandemon
    Sucks. Let me know if anyone needs referral in Microsoft.
    May 23 0