Panasonic Avionics JiFf68
Jan 11

We are hiring a sr hr manager who specializes in reduction in force processes and investigations. That doesn’t sound too good for the New Year.


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  • Salesforce Hookem
    Unfortunately half the blinders are too young to understand office space jokes
    Jan 111
  • Oh shit, there goes all the PMs who hand off the specs from the customers to engineers. People skills won't save 'em.
    Jan 111
    • TrueCar TrueCar
      the salt is strong in this one
      Jan 12
  • TrueCar TrueCar
    had the same thing happen here. They hired the "bobs", days later people were laid off
    Jan 110
  • TrueCar RIFnews
    holy shit it's happening again for us, just found out
    Jan 152
    • Panasonic Avionics JiFf68
      Sucks. What location, how many?
      Jan 16
    • TrueCar RIFnews
      Santa Monica, dozens (we are small tech team)
      Jan 16
  • Veritas 38sn5a
    Get me! Where to send resume?! 😂
    Jan 150
  • New me2you.
    You contract these out unless corp is planning for waves of layoff for few years. Scary stuff coming soon.

    You are going to wish you had a union
    Jan 110

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