Leet code patterns

New / Eng Ssxb04
Jul 15 16 Comments

I’m beginning to interview for my 2nd job coming out of a boot camp (I’ve been at my first for 2 yrs now). I lucked out last time around and never needed to leetcode since the places I happened to have interviewed used more real world problems.

I understand that a lot of leetcode problems follow the same 4-5 patterns, and its usually just a matter of practicing enough to start recognizing them. Any good resources out there that could give me a heads up for what I should be looking for? I’m starting to get myself more familiar with some concepts like BFS, DFS, etc, but want to be sure I’m making the most of my time.


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  • Goldman Sachs pakalu
    There are definitely more than 4-5 patterns. Around 30-40 to be precise
    Some of the other patterns are bucket sort( can bring down time complexity from o(nlogk) to o(n), sweep line (o(n2) to o(nlogn)) backtracking , ordered trees, backtracking, minimax, sliding window, monotonically increasing/decreasing array.
    The best way is to do all the related problems together.read a lot of discuss section of these problems
    Jul 15 7
    • Goldman Sachs pakalu
      I meant Bianry search tree.
      Jul 15
    • Dell ;57?!’h
      And what is binary search tree ?
      Jul 15
    • Walmart.com / Eng SnWB62
      Jul 16
    • Intel / Eng NerdyTurd
      You forgot about smoking trees, you can do a search in constant time.
      Jul 16
    • New / Other hitmaan23
      @pakalu Can you share the resources from which you compiled all the patterns? That would be pretty helpful 😊
      Aug 31
  • Google Jeremy Aguilon's blog, he lays out the patterns fairly well.
    Jul 15 3
    • New / Eng Ssxb04
      This is great, the info here is exactly what I had in mind. Thanks!!
      Jul 15
    • Also, check out Back to Back SWE's YouTube channel - explains a ton of vital leetcode problems in a really clear and passionate manner. He tries to distill the patterns as well.
      Jul 15
    • PayPal / Eng v3nm0
      I need that dude's passion in my life. 😂👌🏼
      Jul 18
  • Amazon prestige🧐
    Cracking the Coding Interview, Elements of Programming Interviews, or just brute force by grinding LC
    Jul 15 0
  • Amazon cn227fh2m
    Just keep grinding. Eventually you will get lucky and get some problems you understand.
    Jul 15 2
    • New / Eng juugf
      How inefficient
      Jul 16
    • Verizon / Eng iLick
      Sup Linnus.
      Jul 16


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