Leetcode or startup?

New VSwf01
Nov 30, 2018

15 years experience - 10 backend, 5 management.
TC is $100k in Midwest
$250k between savings, 401k and property equity.
Married with 3 kids and a dog.

Reading about the amount of money folks make in the Bay is depressing. Thought about moving but I can't buy a house. Should I still consider moving or is a startup a better means to more income? Startup out here will also mean bootstrapping...

Wondering if anyone has made such a choice


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  • Google lifeguard
    Why would you move to this shitty place? Yeah we make a bit more but your life in Midwest might be much better than most of us. Or come here for only a couple of years and just rent. You might get more depressed. Seriously stop comparing TC. Uninstall Blind and go walk your dog in a big park or play with your 3 kids. It’s a privilege some of us here don’t even have.
    Nov 30, 20181
    • New VSwf01
      Well, when it's time to retire, TC matters if you have been able to save. That's what I really care about not the material things it can buy. I actually hate SF but willing to put up with it if it means a better life for the kids and retirement.
      Nov 30, 2018
  • New / Eng


    100K with 15 yoe seems way too less
    Nov 30, 20181
  • Amazon LEETCODE🙃
    Aim for big N who has offices in the midwest. Same salary band as other regions.
    Nov 30, 20181
    • Google
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Microsoft 36)a@
    The quality of life in the Bay Area is miserable. We make more money here but our lives suck in a lot of ways. Don’t feel bad about not being here OP, your life is probably quite comfortable in comparison.
    Nov 30, 20180
  • Qualtrics / Ops


    Came from non tech to tech.
    Move to a smaller tech locale. I'm in Utah with a TC of 225k. You can likely do the same here, or Denver, Austin etc. If you have to stay in nebraska or wherever, you may be tapped out.

    We're always looking for engineers and engineering managers. Shoot me a DM if you want to chat. Happy to refer if there's a fit
    Nov 30, 20180
  • ConocoPhillips GzFG12
    Where in Midwest? In a city? Surely you can find more than 100. Chicago, KC, STL, Tulsa, OKC will pay you more no doubt
    Nov 30, 20180
  • IBM


    Blue Origin
    I reccomend pegging over both.
    Nov 30, 20180
  • If you want to save money move to the Bay and rent a place. You’ll be able to save more, then move back once you’ve hit your target.

    Seems your savings rate is pretty low as well, but that’s another matter.
    Nov 30, 20180

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