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Length of vacation?

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Jan 9

How long of a vacation do you typically take so that your manager does not raise any concerns with it ?

I mean I get it, there is always work. Taking a long vacation slows things down, might even impact your results and performance. But practically speaking how many weeks of time off do you think is reasonable for me to ask for without getting some pushback. Everytime I try to use my earned time off, I am told, are you sure you want to be gone for so long? Can you cut it short? This is peak season. This is closer to this imp meeting to this other deadline. Etc etc.
I am not talking about taking a sabbatical, but 3 weeks is too much?


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  • Apple AppleCar
    I usually take 2-3 wks with a 3-4 months notice.

    Smaller one like 2-4 days with a 1-2 wks notice
    Jan 90
  • Facebook / EnguAhJ50
    Just do whatever you need to be happy. That's the most important thing. Long trips are usually planned long ahead. Just talk to your manager and work a plan. If your manager doesn't understand. Get another one.
    Jan 91
    • Intel UGeJ58
      This is likely just a manager that prioritized work over all else. It is always preferable to work than rather miss work in the eyes of that manager.

      I have the same management style where no vacation big or small is easy to arrange. It's f***ed up because I've coped as well by questioning every day of using earned time.
      Jan 9
  • Google / Eng


    I can take less than a week without notice and usually notify within a month if taking more. Just got back from 4 weeks.
    Jan 90
  • Amazon eofjdkjd
    Jan 90

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