Let's end the double standard

Workday DickMunstr
Feb 7 26 Comments

Women need to have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want!

There! I finally said it.


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TOP 26 Comments
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Stressful workday huh? Dickmonster?
    Feb 70
  • Microsoft


    Troll living under the I-5 overpass
    Headline tomorrow:
    Brad Pitt found dead, early investigation has sexual exhaustion to blame.
    Feb 70
  • Quanergy Systems xKLr07
    i had to turn one down & take the night off due to load management.
    Feb 70
  • Groupon Q anon.
    You dating a girl who won't put out?
    Feb 70
  • Oracle / EngHushPuppy
    Women have higher libido then most of the men
    Feb 711
    • Oracle / EngHushPuppy
      Really?? FALSE ;)
      Feb 8
    • Workday DickMunstr
      I agree
      Feb 8
    • Microsoft ЯR
      Ouch 🙂
      Feb 8
    • Cisco johnwick2
      Feb 8
    • Oracle / EngHushPuppy
      I don't agree- and I have better libido than any guy I ever met
      Feb 8
    • Google / EngMr Glass
      Are you a male who identifies as a woman?😉
      Feb 8
    • Oracle / EngHushPuppy
      Why the hell would I do that? I am very happy with what I am born as.
      Feb 8
    • Google / EngMr Glass
      Sorry, the scientific consensus is in, and your statement is wrong.


      I suggest you rephrase your comment above (which currently reads "Women have higher libido than most of the men") as being about yourself rather than women and men, because that's incorrect 😉

      You might be an outlier woman with a really high libido - good for you!, but there are other explanations worth considering also. Could it also be that you turn off the guys you're usually with in some way? Something to think about as well 😉
      Feb 8
    • Oracle / EngHushPuppy
      I said it in reference to myself. Sorry, I Wasn't interviewing other women to help with the consensus
      Feb 8
    • Vertivco / Eng


      Youtube, American Bureau of Shipping, Facebook
      HushPuppy, your comment makes no sense at all.
      Feb 9
  • Salesforce ZipBomb
    Are you implying women should rape any men they want?
    Feb 70
  • eBay 💰Penny
    TC or GTFO
    Feb 80
  • Dropbox / Eng100k🔗🐼
    Except for women, we risk pregnancy. It’s really not equal.
    Feb 80
  • Apple EqbI36
    No shit.
    Feb 70
  • Akamai Technologies / Cust. Srv.✅✅✅
    Double standard?
    Feb 70
  • Salesforce leetme
    Go for it
    Feb 70
  • Amazon / Engtylium
    Are you a girl or guy?
    Feb 70
  • VMware @lpha.〽️
    Wherever they want
    Feb 70
  • Google / Engcome2daddy
    Like what was stopping you in first place?
    Feb 70
  • Microsoft Larry Pаge
    DickMunstr's representing interests of the "whoever" side
    Feb 70

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