Let’s play this game - who poaches from these companies ?

May 5 11 Comments

Msft - Amazon
FB - Amazon, Snapchat
Cisco - Juniper, Arista
Tesla - ??


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  • Facebook undrpa1d
    Tons of xooglers in my team.

    I don't know if it's a thing but most new xooglers wear their Google shirts to work within the first two weeks until they start getting FB swag. One girl even wore this weird looking hat with a fan on the top in Google colors.
    May 5 4
    • Apple


      May 5
    • Microsoft leetworld
      That's so weird! Im starting at fb soon and can't imagine waltzing in there with an msft shirt. So tacky!
      May 5
    • Facebook undrpa1d
      Honestly, ex-MS folks are uber cool in my experience. They seem to appreciate all the crazy stupid over the top perks offered at FB - starting with world class food. Also ex-MS folks seem more disciplined and less spoiled brats. Xooglers are very annoying and always compare everything. "Our ice cream shop was better at Google". After about 8th comparison, I just wonder why they made the move.
      May 5
    • Google Mr. Glass
      “After about 8th comparison, I just wonder why” > ask them about their FB comp, initial grant and/or level. I guarantee one or more of it is a step up from their Google situation. If Google matched it they wouldn’t move to FB #fact 😉
      May 8
  • Facebook uisY43
    My team is full of ex-google and ex-msft and no Amazon
    May 5 0
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Curious, any Xooglers and ex-FBers at Microsoft?

    May 5 2
    • Microsoft leetworld
      I've only seen it at very high levels director and partner levels
      May 5
    • Microsoft
      Tier 1


      #1 in Prestige
      Tier 1more
      I’ve seen many from google.
      May 5
  • Qualcomm NqAf57
    FAANG companies lure many of our smartest engineers away. Apple, in particular, has done a real number on a number of high profile teams in recent years.
    May 5 0
  • Intel zd34sfg
    Intel - AMD
    May 5 0


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