Level 4 at workday

Walmart.com madhya
Mar 21 7 Comments

I spoke to a workday recruiter regarding a position and came to know that its level 4. Can some one throw light on the comps for level 4 & 5 at work day. I'm currently level 5 with Walmartlabs. Tc 280. Will i get a significant bump with workday ? Would they change the level if I do great at the interview


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  • Probably lower than your current
    Mar 21 0
  • Workday DoxU08
    Workday very rarely hires P5 externally. P4 has a very large salary range from my understanding.
    Mar 22 0
  • Workday rkm009
    R u serious? Is it 280K base for P4? I just got in less than half of it
    5d 0
  • Workday f56zh5
    I joined as P4. I was able to negotiate around $270k TC. It doesn't include a ~$9k bonus everyone in company gets (at current stock price). You sould ask for P5 since you are at P5 at Walmart. They can go above $350k for P5. Workday usually pays low when you join but give big refreshes each year. Almost everyone gets a refresh except if you have some serious performance issues. If you perform well your refresh can be big and increase your TC quickly
    Mar 24 0
  • Workday InWday
    I doubt 280k TC for a P4 role.
    Mar 22 0
  • Walmart.com madhya
    This is on engineering side. Individual contributor
    Mar 21 0
  • MathWorks p8Rz2u

    If you mean P4, seems unlikely...
    Mar 21 0


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