Levels.fyi accurate for IBM?

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Mar 13 2 Comments

I'm curious if a band 9 at IBM is truly equivalent to level 65 at MS or L5/L6 at Google. Anyone leave IBM and go to a company on levels.fyi? Were the levels shown on the website what you experienced?


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  • IBM / Eng

    IBM Eng

    Yes, this is true. Expect one or two levels down. Even when you are downleveled, the TC on the new company is higher than IBM
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  • IBM / Data bbWI22
    The level may be equivalent, but the compensation is not. You will get down-levelled to L5/63 from band 9. Keep in mind that most developers in IBM get to band 8 and stay there for most of their careers.

    I have seen a Distinguished Engineer (Band D, one higher than Band 10) get down-levelled to L7 at Google, although at executive band level at IBM the salaries are more comparable to higher tier companies.
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