Life after an acquisition.

Jul 11 7 Comments

How many of you stuck around after your company was acquired or what was life like after the fact?

Really just want to hear some stories about what you can come to expect after an acquisition. Was there a hold out period? Did lots of people leave? Did it boost of decline morale after the dust settled? What happened to any unvested equity? Whatever you might think is worth mentioning.



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  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Jul 11 2
    • New / Strategy

      New Strategy

      MIT BS MechE, Stanford GSB
      Sad but bitter truth, corporate gutting the tears.
      Jul 11
    • Flowcast lulll
      More like, the company was failing and sold for less $ than they raised. Execs got retention because amzn liked them, while commoners got shit because they sucked dick
      Jul 12
  • Unless the parent company immediately completely assimilates the child company, the first major schism will be about 1 year after acquisition. Then about 6 months after that. Morale will drop, people will leave.

    The whole “startup within a big company” thing doesn’t really work. 99% of parent company execs aren’t smart enough to understand what to do.
    Jul 11 0
  • New / Sales panda2z
    We were acquired in January and they originally said “Business as usual” it’s been tough. Moral is down, key people are leaving/have left and others are wondering if they fit into the new structure moving forward. I will say the retention bonus I was offered was a little insulting.
    Jul 18 0
  • Intel ColeWorld
    I worked at a consulting firm that got acquired. They canned everyone in remote offices and gutted middle management after about 2 years. We lost about 10/30 people after the merger through ONLY mismanagement. Our last boss was great, the new company was just pants on head dumb.
    Jul 11 0
  • eBay gsyabGx
    Depends on what you’re in “your” company
    1. Founders: get vested immediately and of course get some more that vest in increment (aka, golden cuffs)
    2. Early employee: only vested stocks get paid/converted, rest vest as usual. If you’re a key employee, you get golden hand cuffs.
    3. Rest, depends.

    Again, it assumes successful acquisition. And your company was not founded by a*holes.
    Jul 11 0


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