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Tesla InmR60
Jun 7 10 Comments

Soon to be making the switch to Adobe in Seattle and had a few questions.

- how is the wlb?
- how is the general culture and attitude?
- do you get yearly refreshers? How much?
- how much does your base salary increase each year typically?
- how does ESPP work for Adobe?

Thanks :)


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  • Adobe / Eng pFYF55
    I’m not in Seattle but wlb is great. I barely work 40 hours a week and very flexible. Yearly refreshers not guaranteed, you should probably talk to your manager about it. 4% increase yearly and 7% on promotion. ESPP basically you get guaranteed 15% extra income and usually more because stock price usually goes up. If it goes below your lock in price on the date of purchase, you get new lock in price which is 15% lower of current price
    Jun 7 4
    • Facebook emmaemerson
      What's the performance cycle like? Just yearly for promotions?
      Jun 7
    • Adobe / Eng pFYF55
      Adobe has something calls check-in which happens quarterly. Its an 1:1 meeting with your manager that you only talk about performance and promotions. It works as like if you do this, do this and I will request your promotion to upper level. So it’s very clear when you will get promoted and figure out what you need to do in order to get promoted. And there is mid year promotion. In my understanding promotion can happen anytime around check-in periods
      Jun 7
    • Adobe jjjx12
      Espp isn't an extra 15% on your salary. Just 15+% of $21250 of it, due to the limits.
      Jun 7
    • Adobe / Eng uNMM82
      Hah, check in depends on the team a lot. I've never had a manager who did those meetings quarterly, only annually. And often it's vague goals & hasty feedback only.
      Jun 8
  • New DangIt
    It’s a country club! If you are a developer, expect sub-par (don’t get me wrong there are some fantastic developers, but that is not the norm... lots of dead weight) If you are HR, expect to eventually grow to a director level without the burden of having people report to you and travel for offsites, team building, and conferences (like Marketing Summit, but have nothing to do with customers). If you are PgM, expect to be overpaid based on responsibilities.... I could go on!
    Jun 7 0
  • Adobe fangu
    Slight word of warning, WLB is worsening with the push towards the cloud. Still nowhere as bad as what I read about FB/Amazon though.
    Jun 7 0
  • Adobe jjjx12
    Work life balance is the best part of the compensation here.
    Jun 7 0
  • Adobe mercury10
    That's about right. Wlb is great, feels like nobody is really stressed about much. Engineering standards seem slightly relaxed imo.
    Jun 7 0
  • Vanguard ubercool9
    Can anyone from adobe provide me a referral? I am applying but not getting calls since many months. You can see my profile and then only refer me.
    Jun 19 0