Life/TC/Culture @ Byton

Nov 3, 2018 10 Comments

Anyone work at, interviewed at, knows about Byton? Anyone with TC info?


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  • BYTON hpeL57
    Depends which team. Generally speaking great place and culture.
    Jan 26 6
    • BYTON F4U
      Recruiting is indeed terrible but there are some good groups that do t suck.
      Feb 16
    • New sbno88
      Culture sucks morale is low, no funding and the Recruiters are just terrible. Hopefully they the first to go when the hiring freeze continues who needs them!
      Feb 16
    • BYTON F4U
      Head of SC recruiting and all but 1 recruiter are absolutely fucking useless. It is not understandable how the VP of recruiting can empower such people.
      Feb 16
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    • BYTON tsQL44
      What’s the reason the head of HR left? Anyone knows?
      Mar 7
  • Humble Bundle qLiO02
    Chinese company with low hiring bar running out of funds and just like anything made in China very poor quality. Work for a real company instead of wanna be. It won’t last money is going to be gone soon since they can’t pay vendors.
    Aug 28 0
  • New sbno88
    Don't work at Byton, they are in danger of running out of money and don't think they can launched the cqr!!!
    Feb 14 0
  • Cruise Automation Pr873
    Who cares... come to Cruise
    Nov 3, 2018 0