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Facebook LimYo-Hwan
Jun 19 5 Comments

What is the motivation for the people who spam LinkedIn with generic advice? I keep seeing posts pop up in my feed with thousands of likes with content like "if you need a JOB make it your 9-5" or "RECRUITERS keep asking why they can't find good people". Their profiles make it hard to discern what their real jobs are. They usually espouse advice for tech workers despite having no technical background.


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  • LinkedIn nasza
    They're LinkedIn's equivalent of Instagram "Influencers".
    Jun 19 1
  • PagerDuty QhwD03
    LinkedIn "content" is possibly the worst of all similar sites. The only reason to have a LI account is to get recruiter offers when you're looking.
    Jun 19 0
  • New zombo
    First, 10 posts about inspirational stories. Like how a crack head or whatever got a job in tech.

    Then bam! "How to get tech jobs? Well, don't you come to the right place! we have this 1-week training program that can teach you how to talk to recruiters and tell you how important Leetcode is. What? No, we are too dumb to teach you how to Leetcode. We are saying you should pay attention to Leetcode"

    I have no idea how I added those people. It's like friend's friend's friend. It's really stupid though. I deleted a lot of them
    Jun 19 0
  • Adidas coisna
    They seem to often be young startup leaders so I assume that there is a promotional aspect to it
    Jun 19 0


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