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New cOvU25
Jun 8 4 Comments

Hi. I applied for several positions of LinkedIn before but it didn't work.
LinkedIn is one of the companies that I really want to work for. I want to apply for the position with referral...

Is there anyone who can refer me? It is an entry-level position.
I would really appreciate any help...

Thank you.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Just curious why you really want to work for LinkedIn
    Jun 8 1
    • New / Strategy

      New Strategy

      Tesla Motors, Amazon, BMW, Google
      Free LinkedIn Premium?
      Jun 8
  • Amazon gaHQ11
    Got referred and didn't hear back for more than a week
    Jun 8 1
    • New / Product azcx64
      Did you send them a thank you email? Pardon if my question is obvious, but I’ve heard that in the Bay Area, emailing to say thank you a few days after interviewing is standard practice. Get in touch if you haven’t!
      Jun 9