LinkedIn SRE offer eval

New co&dr
Feb 22 8 Comments

150 Base / 150/4 years RSU / 10% Bonus

10 YOE SDE in Startups, honestly, expected Senior SRE role here.
What do you think? Is there any room of negotiation here, and could I ask for Senior position?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Microsoft wyfwrc
    With 10 years of SDE experience, one would expect staff at LinkedIn considering their relatively inflated titles.
    Feb 22 0
  • LinkedIn Fruck
    You should definitely ask for senior or staff
    Feb 22 0
  • Cruise Automation AmirEfrati
    Cruise can do better
    Feb 22 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng GoodAss
    Yes off course
    Feb 22 0
  • LinkedIn IITian
    I know for a fact that this is the max offer for a SRE. Unless they bump you to Sr SRE there is no negotiation on base. Maybe a tiny wiggle on RSU
    Feb 23 1
    • Apple / Eng zeroshh
      What’s the compensation for Sr SRE
      Jun 12
  • LinkedIn IITian
    I also know someone who got the exact same offer and declined since he had 10 years of exp or so and had a higher current base. LinkedIn did not budge.
    Feb 23 0
  • New co&dr
    What is the best way to accomplish that?
    Should I expect one more round of interviews for the higher position, or I should just ask my HR to look for me another team where I could show my abilities as Senior?
    Feb 23 0