LinkedIn Senior Performance Engineer

Yelp capKirk
Jan 9 6 Comments

I see a performance engineer role in LinkedIn careers. The description and duties expected seem to be vague and I'm not certain if it's an SDE role.

I've had experience with distributed systems, and been a software engineer generalist. Unable to figure out if I'm a fit. Would appreciate some pointers, Thanks!


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  • Amazon / Eng tenders
    Just apply and if you get a call from HR, your resume is somewhat of a fit.
    Jan 9 0
  • LinkedIn / Other T%nt0wn
    That team is more or less broken. You will have reasonable compensation and good work life balance for the next 4 years. But these will not help you launch your next job - that’s mandatory if you did not make senior staff by then. The team used to have an annual turn over rate of 10%. In 2017 it was 32% and 2018 it was 34%. In terms of managers, 2018 is 75%. 2017+2018 was 100%. It was close to zero from 2011-2016.
    Jan 13 4
    • Yelp capKirk
      So turnover rate is the people leaving the company?
      Jan 13
    • LinkedIn / Other T%nt0wn
      This highly depends, on you and your projects. I’d say it’s doable but you might not want to.
      Jan 13
    • LinkedIn / Other T%nt0wn
      Leaving the company to goes to complete different team (different go), 2-3 such internal transfer in a 30-40 people team. Rest 20+ left the company.
      Jan 13
    • Hulu w322
      It is been a while, but it would be great if you are willing to shed lights on why the turn over rate is so high, and the current state of performance engineering at In 😀 much appreciated!
      Mar 26