LinkedIn Sunnyvale campus Gym situation

Verizon Media sxSG85
May 12 7 Comments

Joining Linkedin in a month or so at the Sunnyvale campus.
The benefits brochure doesn't specify the gym benefits in much detail. Do they have personal trainers ( for hire ) or is it a basic gym and I'm better off going somewhere out? I definitely need a trainer.
While we're at it, Is the July 4th off a thing or just some old information?
Thanks y'all
TC: 135k in NYC


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  • LinkedIn salad days
    There are 3 different free gyms on campus, each with different personal trainers for hire that can be reimbursed through perkUp.

    We have July 4th week off in addition to Dec 25th week off and unlimited DTO.
    May 12 1
    • Verizon Media sxSG85
      Sweet! This helps.
      The PT for hire sounds like a great option.
      Thanks, stoked to join LinkedIn.
      May 12
  • TI IOlOl0
    There’s a free gym on campus and you can expense up to 2000 a year for personal training at external gym if that’s what you want to do. (You have to pay taxes on the 2000/year benefit)
    May 12 1
    • Verizon Media sxSG85
      Ah good to know about the tax part. Thanks!
      May 12
  • LinkedIn flurple
    The gyms are awesome, great facilities. They also have good classes in addition to trainers.
    May 15 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng qALR45
    For the gym part, people have already answered you. How much is the TC they are giving you at LinkedIn?
    May 12 0
  • Citrix Systems / Eng peda
    Tc or gtfo
    May 12 0