LinkedIn or Salesforce

PayPal / Eng yupyupyup!
Jun 11 15 Comments


Currently have verbal confirmation from both the companies wanted to know what is better in terms of WLB / Tech / career progression

TC: yet to receive
YOE: 5
Front end engineering (Frontend+UI)

Salesforce: SMTS
LinkedIn: Senior Software engineer



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  • Apple okpH67
    I had come from AWS to Salesforce. While I met a lot of incredibly smart and hard-working people, the top engineers who were really trying to build interesting technology were stuck working on things that weren't really that interesting or cutting edge. The way I'd put it is that Salesforce isn't a technology company -- it sees technology as a means to create a sales product.
    Jun 11 6
    • Apple okpH67
      I'd say that for perks Salesforce is better. For learning and engineering, AWS is much better
      Jun 11
    • Microsoft itsRaw
      Gotcha! Thank you for the insight

      What about Solution Engineer roles at Salesforce or the Solutions Architect role at AWS? I’m looking to make the jump from MSFT to either one of these. I know they’re not traditional engineering roles, but just wanted to know what you thought of them given your experience with both companies.

      Thank you :)
      Jun 11
    • Salesforce iiRp68
      Keep in mind salesforce is a saas company vs amazon being iaas and pass. SE at salesforce involves a lot of demo construction and storytelling, not a tech heavy role in general. Demo construction is mostly configure and customize, packaging stories for customers. If you like that kind of work then it is great. Most of the skills you gain are valuable within the salesforce ecosystem, not very valuable outside.
      Jun 15
    • Microsoft itsRaw

      I appreciate your response, thank you for the insight :)

      Would you happen to know if the SE role at Salesforce is a travel-heavy role? Or is it much more regional/remote?
      Jun 15
    • Salesforce iiRp68
      In general remote with occasional travel. But in some cases based on the accounts travel might become heavy.
      Jun 15
  • parantapa
    LinkedIn is more tech focussed. LinkedIn will beat any salesforce offer hands down. You don't even need to mention the salesforce offer to LinkedIn recruiter
    Jun 11 0
  • LinkedIn Al_Bundy
    Wish folks could see talent flows like LI recruiting folks can. SF bleeds folks to LI. Not the opposite.
    Jun 11 0
  • eBay eBoo
    Why so many votes for LinkedIn over Salesforce ?
    Jun 11 1
    • Salesforce / Eng yymG87
      Benefits are better at LinkedIn
      Jun 11
  • Oath Atinlay2
    “Verbal confirmation” is not an offer
    Jun 11 1
    • PayPal / Eng yupyupyup!
      Agreed. Just got the info and I'm confused. I will update the post once I have numbers. I'm just seeking help from blind community on which company is better for WLB and overall picture
      Jun 11
  • LinkedIn CR7!
    This is a no-brainer. Heroku is a good team at SF but other than that LI creates better technology, primarily because of the type of service it offers. You will grow more at LI. Finally, perks and TC are much better, ceteris paribus.
    Jun 12 0
  • LinkedIn
    PP Ram


    PP Rammore
    I joined LinkedIn and got better offer from SF after 6 months, chose to stay fot long term
    Jun 11 0


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