Domo / Eng h0n3s7
Sep 9 9 Comments

How important do you feel it is to have a good LinkedIn profile?



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  • Flowserve fuckflow
    I got my last two jobs through LinkedIn, it’s very important.
    Sep 9 0
  • New HHH-HBK
    No use of LinkedIn, have been using it for a decade, not helped in any way. Blind helped but LinkedIn never, got similar response in my network.
    Sep 9 3
    • Chase / Eng 8==D~
      With LinkedIn, you get what you put out.

      Did you try listing out all the languages and technologies you’ve worked with on your profile? If not, that’s probably why you aren’t showing up on keyword searches.
      Sep 9
    • Domo / Eng h0n3s7
      Any other tips on spicing up a profile?
      Sep 9
    • Chase / Eng 8==D~
      Just list out all the tech you’ve worked with and put some meaningful content in job descriptions (you can copy paste your resume in that section).

      Treat it like a resume.
      Sep 9
  • LinkedIn larano
    I got my last job at LinkedIn and wasn't important
    Sep 9 0
  • Chase / Eng 8==D~
    I got a great job from LinkedIn. Recruiters actually do a good job every once and a while.

    A good profile can only help, not hurt, so I think it’s a big oversight to neglect it. And you could get your dream job from it.

    I really like the concept of LinkedIn. I hope it replaces resumes and job boards one day.
    Sep 9 0
  • Uber whiptest
    I’ve gotten all of my jobs through LinkedIn
    Sep 9 0
  • Forrester TsGv28
    Unless you work in a trade, you should be using LinkedIn. It’s not just a place to look for jobs. You can build your reputation and influence in your field, create advocates and find mentors, and establish relationships with future clients.

    I onboard every employee with social best-practices, teach personal branding, and social selling (on top of my day-to-day role).
    Nov 12 0


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