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Nov 18 5 Comments

I decided to use linkedin premium (free for 1 month) and looked at how i compared against other applicants

I can now definitely sah that this has discouraged me from applying to any jobs...

from a quick scan over 90% of the jobs i looked at 75% had a masters degree.

I only have a bachelors and its not even in the area that i want to be in

i understand my attitude is not good to have when applying but sheesh these stats cant just be pushed aside

i guess ill start taking my GRE and apply to some grad schools

data abd business intelligence analyst roles are what im referring to btw


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  • Amazon iA71wc
    Don’t let that shit discourage you. Yeah, a lot of people are highly qualified in the BI space. But not all have masters. Our org hired two BA’s last week, neither had masters, and one has a bachelors in general business administration. Where you studied and for how long doesn’t matter a whole lot when you are working with your hands - your expertise and frankly how well your resume communicates your skills do. These two hires can write SQL comfortably and the first time to include window functions, and frankly as long as you can do SQL well you’re going to go far

    Source: data engineer, help screen BA/BIE/DE candidates
    Nov 18 3
    • KPMG XJAK12
      Thanks I’ve applied to quite a few BA roles at amazon and haven’t heard anything yet

      I can write in SQL to a certain extent but I don’t think my experience up till now 2 years of out college) has been enough to catch recruiters attention

      But it’s ok though I think grad school will give the opportunity to refine my skills in analytics as well as learn about something’s I’ve only informally looked at. As well as give me a better network because almost all of my networks are in the accounting space
      Nov 18
    • Amazon iA71wc
      Could be your resume. Send it to me and I can give pointers
      Nov 18
    • KPMG XJAK12
      I DM’d you for your email!
      Nov 18
  • Google uzaname
    Not having masters means you have 2 more years of work experience
    Nov 18 0


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