Linkedin Refresher question

New VeYT44
Mar 5 7 Comments

Joining linkedin soon in infra
Tc ~270 k 8 yoe.

I see a lot of posts saying refreshers are not good at linkedin or only for top performers, and only if you're not at the top of your band.

How does linkedin retain employees if you work hard and get no refreshers at the end of the year? Any linkedin employee can chime in?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • LinkedIn btl svc
    Great food, perks, wlb, good bonus and leave at 4 yrs:)
    Mar 5 0
  • VMware ItsAlrite
    Are you a swe or sr swe?
    Mar 5 2
    • LinkedIn btl svc
      Sr based on numbers
      Mar 5
    • / Eng
      233333 Eng

      A coder dreams of working in FLG everyday
      This 👆
      Mar 6
  • New vviH62
    May I know your split?
    Mar 5 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng

    LinkedIn Eng

    Amazon, Dell
    If no good refreshes then salary will reduce after 4 years, does it happen in real?
    Mar 11 0
  • Uber dhdy
    Never count on refreshers. GTFO after 4 years
    Mar 6 0