Linkedin SRE teams, how to list preference?

Versa Networks ganjedi
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I'm graduating masters in May 2020 and just signed a return intern offer for LinkedIn SRE org. Recruiter tells me that I can list preference for which SRE team will absorb me but gives no guarantees due to availability, not sure if they really care about preference lol. (Some thing to note, I received exceeds on almost all categories in exit review and overall review was exceeds as well, not sure if this matters in allocating a team for me)

My background, interests and skillset: Networking, systems and security. I have prior work experience (before masters) in these domains as well. It would be really great if SRE members from linkedin are able to help me out with below questions

1. Based on my interests, what potential SRE teams within LinkedIn are a good match? Do these teams generally come under the infra org or do they have their presence in data and product orgs as well?

2. What kind of work do new grads get to do within some of these infra teams?

3. Apart from telling my recruiter, is there any other way I can make sure I can land in one of these teams? Such as - > speaking with some managers on LinkedIn etc.

Note: My intern team manager informed me that there are no reqs within his team which works out well for me because I'm not interested in pursuing a career in that particular technology as its quite niche and not my thing.


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  • LinkedIn ikUf85
    LinkedIn SRE here. There are 3 loosely defined "tracks" or categories for SRE roles here (these might have been explained if you had the entry level SRE interview). I'm not sure what team you were previously on and how closely it aligns with these, but let me know.

    1) embedded SRE. these SREs work with one or more dev teams to support products. the products can be user facing things (web apps, api's, etc) or infrastructure (data infra, monitoring infra, etc). this work is a mix between Ops and Dev, depending on the team/product you're embedded with. some teams can be rather Ops heavy.
    2. Central SRE (or what I think is known as prod SRE). these SREs support the site as a whole and work on wide spanning projects that impact most of engineering (like datacenter buildout, azure migration, SSL everywhere, etc).
    3. tools and infra SREs. most code heavy type of SRE. builds and supports internal toolsets.

    regarding your interests, my guess would be working as an embedded SRE within an infrastructure team would align best. If you networked at all during your existing internship, you should use that to your advantage and talk to other engineers or managers you know. additionally we host some meetups at LinkedIn pretty often, so you can also further network and get a feel for some teams that way. lastly you should be able to discuss these interests with your recruiter who may be able to put you in touch with different HMs.

    any other questions feel free to PM me. I work in data infrastructure.
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    • Versa Networks ganjedi
      Thanks a lot.
      Update: i was able to connect with some sr.managers on LinkedIn for sre teams that I'm interested in. I'll fire up conversations with them on LinkedIn and ask about possibility of learning more about their teams and working with them.
      Thanks a lot again for your detailed response!!
      Oct 28
  • LinkedIn / Eng waggytail
    Monitoring infrastructure team, if you want more dev work. I sit near some data SRE’s, and they seem pretty happy.
    Oct 12 0
  • Cisco 🍦Pied
    I know this is tangential and I’m late to the discussion but what did you guys/gals do for study prep when going into SRE?

    I’m a former DS went SWE trying to make the change. Built plenty of high availability systems.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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