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Mphasis / Eng ITzQ40
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I have an onsite interview coming up in 2 weeks for a senior front end engineer role.

1. For problem solving module, is leetcode preparation enough? How hard it is?

2. What is the technical taste module? Whats usually discussed in this round?

3. How to ace system design module? Is this round more focused on the front end system design or overall system design?

Any other tips and help is welcome.

YoE: 7
TC: 110 (midwest, low COL city)


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  • LinkedIn tuca
    1. Leetcode is enough. Study up on DP and make sure you're comfortable thinking recursively and can write iterative as well as recursively for recursive problems.
    2. Come prepared with a website or app that you use, and be able to explain what is good about it or what opportunities they have for improvement.
    3. System design is all about data flow, storage, and rendering. Think about how data might flow through Twitter, or Facebook (at a birds eye level) and explain how you might build a Twitter or Facebook given their constraints.
    Sep 10 2
    • Mphasis / Eng ITzQ40
      Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate this comment. Thank you for taking your time and guiding me. Its really helpful.
      Sep 10
    • TriNet vietbbq
      Any concrete example of how to approach?
      Sep 12
  • Publicis Sapient / Eng LCdebugger
    Tuca: are course like “grokking the system design interview” good to get the basics of solving system design questions? How does the actual level/depth of questions differ between the course vs what’s truly asked in the interview.
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  • Publicis Sapient / Eng LCdebugger
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